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Welcome to the Monster Menagerie Shop

Thanks to my newsletter subscribers who took advantage of the early sale and got a figure for a discounted price! Remaining figures are now available to everyone in my Etsy shop.


Any current ghoulish goodies available for purchase at a discount will be listed below.


All payments via PayPal. For additional information, please see the Store Shipping and Cancellation Policies.

Currently my listings don't automatically reset to zero when an item has been purchased (I get a notification of sale within minutes and have to manually change it). Luckily, it's only you and a small group of folks who can even find my Sneaky Sale at the moment, so I anticipate sales will come at a leisurely, manageable pace. However, if you prefer, you can email/contact me directly to double check an item's availability before making a purchase. Otherwise, it's all working and I will be updating vigilantly between 7:30 AM and 11 PM EST.

The store is closed for maintenance
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