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The moderators of may not necessarily endorse all of the information and advice available via the links, articles, or any published pages used on this site. We also have no control over content published on other sites to which we have provided links.


Information has been offered to help you educate yourself on techniques, ideas and approaches used to decorate and celebrate Halloween. The webmaster and contributors of this site,, in no way claim your projects will be successful, turn out the way it looks in the picture, nor that it is safe to use the products, tools and materials mentioned on this site. It is important to use common sense and take safety precautions when building anything.

Things spill and stain, and even irritate the skin. Some building products out there have noxious fumes. Hot glue guns get hot enough to blister the skin. Heat Guns get incredibly hot and will melt anything in front of them (from the prop you're working on to the surface beneath it, and could start a fire). Never wash monster mud or compounds down the drain or you could ruin the plumbing. These are just some examples of what can happen if you don't spend time educating yourself on the handling (and disposal of) certain tools and products. Take time to learn about anything and everything you might use for a project - before you start - from various reliable sources available online and in the real world (for example, at home renovations stores or local training courses).


We can't guarantee cost of items, the weather or anything else that is clearly beyond our control. We only offer these as ideas to share with others. By using these ideas to build your own project, you take responsibility for any or all damages, ugly props, inflation, and any accident or injury that may occur. Always take safety precautions when making props and decorations. Common sense, an understanding of the tools you are using, and proper planning all help to protect people from getting hurt.

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