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Halloween: Art, How-To & Party Ideas

Explore my latest creations, large celebrations, and crafty inspirations to help you make your own.

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The Art Ghoullery

Some of my more recent pieces celebrating the holidays (including Christmas figures with a Halloween flair). 


Halloween How To Projects

Step-by-step tutorials for making simple decorations and various props.


Always take safety precautions when making props and decorations. Common sense, familiarity with and an understanding of the tools you are using, and proper planning all help to protect people from getting hurt.

Please read our disclaimer before attempting any of our projects.

How To

Past Halloween Party Themes


I am prone to throwing elaborately themed Halloween parties on a tight budget.

See some of my favourites in a collection of slideshow videos.


Party Games for Adults

A small selection of original games for Gen Xers (and classic horror-savvy Boomers & Millennials) to download. 

See the whole collection.

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