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The Dead End Collective is a small group of Canadian artists with similar interests in oddities.

Based in and around the Greater Toronto Area, they often congregate and collaborate to conjure ghoulish goodies for society in varying artistic mediums and styles. 

Meet the Artists

Click any of the illustrations for an introduction and where to find their work.

Past/Current Contributors & Friends of the Collective

Matty Ryan Tobin

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

The Avod



Paul Ainsworth


Paid Design

Graphic Designer

& Illustrator

Emily Thomas



Little Monster


Justin Decloux

CANMAKE Productions





Tattoo Artist

& Illustrator

Origins of The Dead End Collective

The founding members met as vendors in the bustling aisles of the Toronto FanExpo, circa 2009. In those early days of the convention, the Artist Alley Horror section was across from Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear and their exhibitors. Over time, the artists were inched further and further away from the main Horror section until we found ourselves confined to the opposite side of the convention floor (and eventually, a completely separate building), in the furthest back corner between manga fan art, jewelry makers and t-shirt towers, and two cement walls.


A dead end. 

With a fitting moniker thrust upon us, we banded together and promoted each other on social media as such. People knew to come to #TheDeadEnd for their creature cravings and monster needs: prints, posters, books, and original art. In 2013, we went from a hashtag, to ragtag, to an organized group of artists known as The Dead End Collective.


Since then, we've expanded our ranks to include local directors, filmmakers and cinephiles who share our affinity for the strange and macabre.


You'll find us and our members at shows across southern Ontario and beyond, or online through the links in the artist listings above.

Come to the Dead End. We're waiting for you.

#thedeadendcollective on Instagram

A Sampling of Our Favourite Shows

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 8.20.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 6.17.37 PM.png
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