The Big, Big Sale For Monkey Boo

Raising Emergency Funds to Care for a Poorly Pup While I Self-Isolate After Surgery

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Coronavirus has made life tough and pursestrings tight for most of us, especially those who must stay home for health reasons. My post-operation appointments were cancelled and medical care put on hold. And in the middle of the world shutting down while I am housebound, my dog became ill. Neither my nor any local vets would see her (Update: then our vet broke HER OWN leg, leaving us without her usual medical caregiver indefinitely). My single option was an after hours Emergency Animal Clinic an hour away, and only if I handed Monkey Boo over from the parking lot and waited in my car for the vet to call me.


We did 3 courses of antibiotics - one emergency vet visit, one with our regular vet (pre-broken leg), one with the emergency vet at her regular clinic - which ran up a bill of approximately $1,000. Through sales and donations, I was able to pay for this. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to anyone who supported us so far. If I didn't send you a personal thank you, please forgive me. Between the stress of her illness and my own health issues, I have a hard time keeping up with personal notes. And sometimes it's all a bit overwhelming and I don't know what to say besides thank you.


But it looks like we're headed for X-rays and surgery.

So I'm STILL having a big sale. Please consider purchasing one of my creations listed below if you can. Between Monkey's bills and my healthcare on hold, it is uncertain when I will have income once more.


There is also a big orange donate button at the bottom of all pages if you can't afford to purchase but want to contribute via PayPal. Any and all help is appreciated.

May 3rd Pupdate: Monkey Boo's eye started swelling again today (Sunday). We'll be headed to the vet in the morning when they open if they'll let us in, and I'll hand over my dog in the parking lot for the fourth and most stressful time.


As for myself, I am on hold until later this month to see/speak with a specialist but have been warned he and the small hospital he works at most likely aren't equipped to help. I have to wait until the appointment to officially be released from his care and maybe, hopefully, get on a waitlist with someone familiar with my most recent diagnosis. 


So if you would still like to donate to help cover general costs for Monkey, wonderful. I'll update this when we get home from the vet tomorrow with an updated cost (I've been quoted between $1,600 & $2,200 if it's an abscess). If you want to support me through a sale (AWESOME), or donation, well, that's a kindness I am not in the position to say no to. Thank you.

Available for Adoption

To keep prices down, I am listing images of available creations directly below, with updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can contact me via those platforms (or send me an email) to inquire about shipping costs and to arrange payment via PayPal, with an E-transfer option for Canadians.


(Click any image to enlarge & learn creature origins)


Check back for new items being added!

Health constraints (and an improving but still sickly Boston Terrier) make for slow progress, hampering my ability to photograph critters. Please bear with me.

Shipping Details:

With self-isolation, I will be shipping items once a week via Canada Post. They are no longer guaranteeing delivery times, but all packages will have insurance and tracking. Expect Shipping to cost between $13 to $23 depending on location. You will receive a tracking number once items have been shipped.


Always make sure your shipping address is correct and matches the address on your PayPal account. If you have special shipping requests, please contact me PRIOR to purchasing an item.

Please note that buyers outside of Canada are responsible for any and all duties and customs charges that may be incurred.

Generally, I don't make my figures with materials that will raise concerns with border agents. Ultimately, my American neighbours, it's your responsibility to be aware of rules regarding what can or can't cross into the USA before you purchase an item from my store.


Cancellation & Return Policy:

I accept cancellations within 24 hours of purchase before the item has been shipped.

do not accept returns or exchanges (currently have to limit my exposure to the outside world and have to go into town for mail). All sales final. Please look closely at the pictures and read the descriptions of each item carefully before you buy.

I do my best to protect items when mailing them out. Should an item arrive damaged, please send me an email with a quick snapshot of the piece within 24 hours. I cannot promise to replace an item (since they are one of a kind), but will certainly address the issue and work with you to rectify the situation. If a buyer insists on returning an item due to damage in transit, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. If it is sent through a private courier across the border instead of USPS, I will not accept the package at all as they a) do not deliver to PO Boxes and b) charge inflated brokerage fees on top of everything else.

Privacy & Miscellaneous:


Beyond writing your address on a package, does not collect your information to sell or share, nor will I subscribe you to any email newsletters (you can do that via my homepage if you wish). 

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